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About Us

Roperceuticals is the creation of Dr. Brian Roper; a registered pharmacist, as well as a board-certified Internist. For over twenty years in healthcare, Dr. Roper has answered countless questions regarding nutrition, vitamins and supplements. Because there are hundreds of manufacturers and limited standards for the industry; his advice always been tempered with provisos and caveats. By committing to his own branded nutraceutical, health and wellness products; Dr. Roper can now advise with more certainty.

Certainty of: Safety, Efficacy, Plant source, Absorption, Body Distribution & Elimination, Quality Control.

Roperceuticals International Clinical Advisory Board

Roperceuticals has an International Clinical Advisory Board that consists of physicians and pharmacists with training from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. These clinicians provide Dr. Roper with trends and outcomes from around the world in the growing field of nutraceuticals. Dr. Roper spent several years in the development of Roperceuticals prior to marketing and products are carefully chosen that show the greatest need. New products are added every couple of months based on need.

These products are not meant to take the place of any medication or treatment that your doctor deems necessary for your well being. Dr. Roper advises interval blood work as determined by your physician to ensure that there is no adverse effect on your liver or kidney.